Pulumi Fundamentals and Architecture

3 min readJul 7, 2022

Infrastructure As Code : Infrastructure as code (IaC) means using code to define and manage infrastructure. Infrastructure as code is about bringing software engineering principles and approaches into the cloud infrastructure space.

Infrastructure as code is the latest step in the evolving process of defining and managing infrastructure. Before infrastructure as code, infrastructure was (and in some cases still is!) provisioned by many methods such as pointing and clicking in a user interface, batch scripts, and configuration management tools that may not have been designed by the cloud. Today, modern approaches use platforms, such as Pulumi, Terraform , which embrace and support the full software engineering lifecycle.

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What is Pulumi ?

Pulumi is an open source infrastructure as code tool for creating, deploying, and managing cloud infrastructure. Pulumi works with traditional infrastructures like VMs, networks, and databases, in addition to modern architectures, including containers, Kubernetes clusters, and serverless functions. Pulumi supports 70+ public, private, and hybrid cloud service providers.

Why Pulumi ?

Any Code. Any Cloud. Any Team : Pulumi follows the motto as “Any Code. Any Cloud. Any Team”. By leveraging familiar programming languages for infrastructure as code, Pulumi makes you more productive, and enables sharing and reuse of common patterns. A single delivery workflow across any cloud helps developers and operators work better together.

For Developers : Pulumi enables developers to write code in their favorite language, such as TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Go, C#, and Java. This enables modern approaches to cloud applications and infrastructure without needing to learn yet-another YAML or DSL dialect. This unlocks abstractions and reuse as well as access to your favorite IDEs, refactoring, and testing tools. Master one toolchain and set of frameworks, and go to any cloud — AWS, Azure, GCP, or Kubernetes — with ease.

For DevOps/Infra Teams : Pulumi enables infrastructure teams to achieve continuous delivery of cloud applications and infrastructure in any cloud environment — AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, even hybrid and on-premises environments — with one common approach. By leveraging infrastructure as code combined with real languages, engineers can achieve greater productivity, while also enabling their development teams to be more “self-serve” with appropriate policies and guardrails in place.

For Security Engineers : Pulumi brings cloud security engineering closer to the infrastructure and development teams. By using one common workflow that spans any cloud environment, whether public, private, or hybrid, security teams are able to enforce policies that accomplish cloud governance projects of all kinds — security, compliance, cost control, and more. Help your teams deliver faster with safety and confidence.






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