Saurabh Writes ✍️

Tales of my experiences with life, relationships and realities about world

Change you choose, Choice you made. — Saurabh ✍️

Be your own God if you can’t find Godfather.
But first must lookout for Godfather.
— Saurabh ✍️

Your Struggles makes you storyteller.
Your Experiences makes you author.
— Saurabh ✍️

Those who can not hear your crib about bad times, those possibly won’t be crying in your last times. — Saurabh ✍️

You cannot fulfill the shoes unless you have ever walked with them. — Saurabh ✍️️

Unless you confine your subject….. Things like Knowledge , stress , expectations have unlimited boundaries to get expansion. — Saurabh ✍️


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I am an enthusiastic learner. Always want to challenge my last learning & keep hunting for new learning.