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3 min readOct 19, 2021


Hi folks đź‘‹

In today’s age of Cloud and DevOps, analysis of logs & visibility of data is very important. In the blink of eyes, a lot gets change in Cloud Infrastructure and massive data & logs getting generated in seconds.

In such cases learning log & data analytics becomes need of the hour. One of tool which I got to know from my friend “NV” is Splunk.

What is Splunk?


Splunk is a software platform to search, analyze and visualize the machine-generated data gathered from the websites, applications, sensors, devices etc. which make up your IT infrastructure and business.

If you have a machine which is generating data continuously and you want to analyze the machine state in real time, then you can do it with the help of Splunk.

Real time processing is Splunk’s biggest selling point because, we have seen storage devices get better and better over the years, we have seen processors become more efficient with every ageing day, but not data movement. This technique has not improved and this is the bottleneck in most of the processes within organizations.

Here are the other benefits with implementing Splunk:

  • Your input data can be in any format for e.g. .csv, or json or other formats
  • You can configure Splunk to give Alerts / Events notification at the onset of a machine state
  • You can accurately predict the resources needed for scaling up the infrastructure
  • You can create knowledge objects for Operational Intelligence

Here are the learning resources I am referring for learning Splunk.

I will be sharing my learning experiences and resources… until then stay tuned. 👋




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